Wildflowers in the West
Western Australian Wildflowers

About the Western Wildflowers Website

The Western Wildflowers website has been developed as a cooperation between the Shire of Moora and Western Wildflower Farm in Coomberdale.

Mrs Rhonda Tonkin

Mrs Rhonda Tonkin, proprietor of Western Wildflower Farm has worked tirelessly within the wildflower industry for 32 years. A former school teacher, Mrs Tonkin exports wildflowers to 11 different countries. A large portion of the Tonkin family farm is dedicated to cultivating wildflowers. Located on the Tonkin property the Western Wildflower Farm is visited by approximately 120 visitors daily during the wildflower season.

The Partnership

The partnership between the Shire of Moora and Western Wildflower Farm involves three major components. These components include the development of this website, a Wildflower Interpretative Education Centre at Western Wildflower Farm and finally a School Education Program.

The importance of developing a dedicated website featuring detailed information about Western Australia’s wildflowers was identified. A site focuses on road conditions, where species are flowering and general visitor information. The difference this site offers is the weekly updates during June through to November.

The "Gateway to the Wildflowers"

The Wildflower Interpretative Education Centre is described as the “Gateway to the Wildflowers”. This dedicated Interpretative Education Centre is for tourists seeking a wildflower experience. The Centre displays a photography section naming over 150 species and includes general information about each species. The Centre also features a wildflower garden where 20 different species are grown within the grounds. Large location maps are also displayed at the Centre as well as weekly updates of where species are currently flowering.

Educating our Youth

The School Education Program component focuses on educating our youth about our natural resource available to us in Western Australia. Our youth need to be aware of our resource and learn how to sustain it for future generations. The education program includes field trips teaching students botanical and common name species and what conditions the species can be found grown in. The program also includes the students creating a wildflower display which will be exhibited publicly.